Our first blog on our new site so Welcome to you all.

Its been an exciting and very busy time leading up to the moment www.makearoom.co.uk is launched and we hope you like our site and find some inspiration to help make your house a home.

We thought long and hard about which product we would start our blog on, should it be our range of made to measure window blinds, afterall we have been selling them for over fifteen years both online and direct to our thousands of customers.

Should we blog about our great colection of wall art the range is a stunning mix of modern up to minute designs and some great french inspired chic pieces. 


Our product of choice is the humble and much maligned fragrant candle, we see them everywhere in shops and boutiques and market stalls and even on Ebay selling at prices from as little as £2 to as much as £30 for so called designer products.

But what makes a good candle to use in your home.

First and foremost is safety so obviously all our candles come in glass jars that are both safe and stable as well as nice to look at. Especially with the stainless steel lid adding a touch of style to your room.

Secondly there is the issue of wax, a good burn time is only achieved with a good wax, all of our candles use a luxury blend of waxes designed and manufactured exclusively for our supplier.

Finally to fill a room with fragrance you need a top quality fragrance to start with, all of our candles use a minimum of 7% of the finest fragrances in each candle, and these fragrances have been blended to achieve the desired smell. Our French Lavender for instance smells like a field of lavender in Provence.

It's typical of our desire to offer you the very best products that we took a year to select our candle supplier as only the very best will make it onto Make A Room.


Copenhagen Candles for Make a Room